Lincoln Alerts 5.22.12 So What Happens Now Aesop never drank Seagrams Trades SYNC +460 PCYC +40 BWS +200 AH -20 QCOR +180 PVA 0 FB -160 Total +620 Now that we got the long awaited mattress bounce in the markets, what’s next? Do you load long or was this just a panic bounce. Well, were going to find out in […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.21.12-Soundgarden,Sheena Easton,Seagrams and Snowmobiles View this wild blog post on Soundgarden,Sheena Easton,Seagrams and Snowmobiles I will give you 2k for that Starbucks coffee Updated results for both programs Watchlist ROSG SYNC BWS VELT PCYC

Lincoln Alerts 5.18.12 BSET by No Woes. I was just rambling about the +100% gains in the last 2 weeks along with 9 straight double digit gainer trades from the Lincoln Million Swing Program yesterday and now you might as well make it a perfect 10! With the close of our BSET, short, which was a +11% gainer, Lincoln Million Swing positions have gone […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.17.12 Weebles and Pictures Over 1500 views on this blog post last week Trades $XPO +280 $HTH +50 $GRPN +195 $RENN 0 $P +110 ROSG +270 $OPNT +155 Total +1,060 I bounced back with a vengeance Wednesday with my second 7/7 perfect day this week and a cool +1k profits on my 50k […]

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