Lincoln Alerts 5.7.12 The Nostalgia of Tabitha, Monte Carlo’s and Steve Miller New blog post. Let’s just say it is different. First off chat hit an all time high Friday and I’m pretty proud of that. I want to thank everybody for being there and enjoying the ride. It’s only going to get better. Anyway […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.24.12-  I Think We’ve Done This Already Updates results from Lincoln Alerts Day Trade account Another 50% gainer short trade from Lincoln Million Swing account We have some repeat offenders dominating the list tonight. This SGOC is a blast to trade with it’s 5% moves every minute both up and down and GTIM […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.19.12 They Showed Their Dirty Faces Again Another 35% winner from Lincoln Million Swing Account Man, OPHC and PNBC After all the ranting I’ve done about OPHC and PNBC, I wet in my drawers when I saw those two fools up +30% this morning. I was all bummed out Trade Station didn’t have […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.16.12 – What Does Your Headline Say? A must read post about how to stop being lied to Call Me Sensei Shorter with a gargantua +6600 in gains last week  Lincoln Million Swing Account Crosses  +210% in 4 months I’m off to a good start here in April and memberships are at an all […]

Lincoln Stocks 3.28.12- It was Kinda Green Monday Trades $VVUS +110 $ARNA 0 $ZAGG +170 $VVUS +550 $FSLR 0 $KORS -50 Total +$800 Tuesday Trades  $GMCR +150 $YOKU +350 $RENN -130 $REE +30 $REDF 0 $YELP +50- total- +$470 Get these stock picks sent to your inbox daily plus 20 free training lessons Well my gold […]

Stock Watch 9.21.11 ” Resurrecting the Rejected” OREX is attempting to resurrect it’s failed weight loss drug Contrave. This jibber sent the stock to the moon after hours with an 90% gain. That stock is in play big time for Wednesday along with it’s weight loss compatriots VVUS and ARNA. Full write up here  The […]