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There is an old proverb that says, ” Good things do not come by chance, they come by change”. For us to grow and reach new levels, we must be willing to change. In this email, I will introduce you to an all-new level of change that will benefit us all.

I decided that for me to help more traders become successful, I needed to change. I needed to provide top-quality education and more of a hands-on approach to the aspiring traders I work with. I kicked around about a thousand ideas on how to upgrade my service or add more services, but nothing seemed right. I was just another service provider in a cesspool of other service providers, and I don’t want that. My mission is to help people take control of their finances and learn a skill that will last a lifetime, a skill that they one day could pass on to others as well, and honestly, I don’t think I was doing good enough.

After months of ideas and soul searching, I decided to start all over again, from scratch. My first order of business was to change the name. So, out with TheLincolnList and welcome the all-new Trade With Doug! The Lincoln List just does not fit what I am doing, so let’s be done with that.

The next order of business was to create a better way to teach my strategies. I will begin with the live trade room. Starting December 1st, there will be a live premarket show talking about news, upgrades, and trade setups. This will be highly detailed and filled with actionable information. Next, the ” trade sheet” will return. Tracking every trade I take. I will add a members-only end of the week video discussing all of my trades, and why I entered them. I will also be adding a live Twitter feed posting the trades and trade ideas. As always, all of my trades will continue to be broadcasted in realtime.

Next up is the ” Part-Time Trader Program ” there is almost no reason not to be a part of this program. The returns on this program are phenomenal. Since inception (2012), the account is up 19000% percent, that is not a typo! Now I will not BS you about this high percentage return. The percent gain is so high because this started as a small account challenge 8 years ago. If some of you remember, I deposited $1,000 in this account in 2012, and in 2020 it is now worth over $200,000. Most of you know it is easier to highlight high percentage gains on a small account. As an account grows in size, it becomes harder to put up high percentages. So it would be BS for me to tell you I can return thousands of percentage points annually because I can not. However, the Part-Time trader has experienced returns of at least 40% annually every year, minimum. So if you invested in this program 5 years ago, with just 10,000 dollars, you would at least be up to 53,000 dollars! Have you invested 10k in anything that is now worth $53,000in the last 5 years?

All trades, and results of the Part-Time Trader Program, can be seen here.

Also, both programs will feature a ” Live Twitter feed” where all trades can be checked on your phone and texted!

Up to this point, the Part-Time trader has just been alerts only. I will be adding a live chatroom for this as well with the same weekly update video. Also, I will be adding all-new courses and private training services to the website and adding lower priced stocks to my watchlists and trades.

This will no doubt increase the price, so before I increase the price and post the new website, I wanted to do a “one last call” special to lock all of you in at discounted rates before the new increases take effect. Let’s call it ” Black Friday ” Specials to celebrate this new change.

Package 1

If you want to join the live trade room and the Part-time trader program. You can lock in special savings right now of $99 a month. This rate will be locked in for life and never increases. If you wait until December 1st, the new rate will be $150. You can save 25% by paying annually. As a bonus, all annuals will receive my Trading as an art DVD, and my intro to trading course, a $399 value for free.

For Holiday package monthly ($99) click here

For Holiday package annual ($890) click here

Second package and the best package

The second is for those who are seriously committed to being a winning trader and want to dive deeper into their potential and consistently earn six figures a year or more trading. For this, I created a package that includes a one-year membership to both the live trade room AND the Part-Time Trader, regularly $1500, a free copy of my strategies DVD, regularly $99, and a seat at my upcoming live ” Mini Camp” course in January, a $599 value You will also receive the last Mini-Camp that has been recorded. This package normally retails for $2200 but with the holiday special, it is available for the ultra-low price of $1200. That is over 40% off and this is by far the best value, and you truly get it all with this package. The live room, the training DVD, the free course, the live feed, and the Mini Camp!

For the holiday mastery package ($1200) Click here

If you chose to trade with me, I would share every detail and trick I learned over two decades. I will show you the right way to build a successful trading business, and I will show you how you can be the best you can be!

What I teach you WILL WORK. I have made my living as a professional trader for over 16 years. In that time I have had every market scenario thrown at me and I’m am still standing and still profitable! I will teach you the same.

I look forward to working with all of you and helping you become successful traders.









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