Lincoln Alerts 6.7.13

Day trade account up 95% YTD Join us for a free 14 day trial

Lincoln Million now has crossed +1400% in verified gains. Take a 14 Day Trial Here

Although the market has been sloppy choppy all week we still have manged to grow the day trade account by +5%.The average weekly gain on my day trade account for the last 3 years is about $2375 pr week. Knowing the multiple market cycles, worldly events, QE etc.that the market has experienced through that time may weekly profit average has been unaffected by any of that garbage. That shows without a doubt TheLincolnList system works. Good market, bad market or flat market the money is always there just as long as there is a “market” I’ll be set for life. If you want to be set for life take a 14 day free trial to the live trade room here.


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