Lincoln Alerts 6.24.13

Lincoln Million Does it again with a 12% win in CLFD the 3rd double digit win this week Take a 14 day trial

Get my services for free by signing up with my preferred broker. 10:1 margin, incredible borrows, 2500 deposit and $5 trades and option contracts at only 1.50 Send an email to for more info

First off last week was an incredible week for us. Even though the market go BBQ’ed we won on over 80% of our trades! Second both of my new services are up and running. So lets talk about the new services. The first being my new venture with Ditto Trade. Basically I can trade your account for you automatically. So if you are pressed for time, hate to sit behind a computer or you have better things to do, I now have the ability to trade your account. View the details of Ditto Trade here. The next thing is I have now partnered with Tm Global.You can get a trading account for 2500 deposit 10:1 margin and $5 trades. Tot op it off if you sign up with TM Global you have free access to ThelincolnList live trade room.Send an email to for more info


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