Life Rules- 15 Steps To Live By


1 Work Your Ass Off

2. Do not Listen To Anyone But Yourself

3. Remember All The People Who Supported You And Believed In You When You Were At Your Lows. Pay Gratitude To Them When You Make It

4. Remember All The People Who Told You That You Would Fail. Use Their Ignorance And Hate To Fuel You When You Are Down. When You Hit  It Big Don’t Rub It in You Are Better Than Them Anyway. Just Remember Who They Were.

5 It’s Not Always About You. Give To Something Larger Than Yourself. Something That Will Have An Impact Long After You Are Gone.

6 Debt Is Stupid And A Wealth Killer- Stay Out Of It

7 Nothing You Ever Think Of Or Do Is Stupid. What Is Stupid Is Not Doing Anything At All

8. The World Belongs To You. Make Sure You Leave It In Better Shape Than You Entered It

9. Mistakes Are Awesome If You Learn From Them. They Are Awful When You Repeat Them.

10. Never Go Into Business With Friends Or Family. You Will Lose Your Business And Your Friends And Family

11. Good Things Do Not Come By Chance. They Come By Change. If You Are Screwing Up The Solution Is Change

12 Strangers Will Most Likely Never Do You Harm. The People That Will Harm You The Most Are The Ones Right In Front Of You

13 Only People That Pay Your Bills Can Tell You What To Do. Everyone Else Needs To Shut Up.

14 It Doesn’t Matter Where You Were Born, Your Birth Name, Education Level, Race, Circumstances, Or Past Screw Ups. You Can Be Successful. You May Have To Work Harder For It But You Can Still Achieve It.

15 When You Think You Have Done Something In Life That Is So Stupid Beyond Repair Remember That Someone Else Has Probably Done Worse And That Person Is Probably Me.


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