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  • Watchlist starts at 11:00 but you should listen to the rant

Welcome to the first installment of Happy Hour with the Lincoln, where we talk about Whiskey, certain aspects of day trading and stocks that are in play.

This week we finish off a bottle of Port Charlotte Scottish Barley. Don’t worry there was only a little bit left 🙂

September was a pretty dull month but the Lincoln still managed to charge ahead and finished the month with $12,797 in gains. An incredible feat considering the Lincoln went off grid in Alaska for 5 days, then spent 10 more days wondering around Alaska in an RV trading from RV parks. After the mini vacation,it was hard to establish a good trading rhythm. Nonetheless,this brings the yearly total to $192,664 in 2016

This week’s discussion of trading lifestyle included aspects of daytrading psychology. If you want to be a day trader, you have to treat yourself as an athlete. For example, you have to eat right, exercise, be mentally stable. We don’t advice anyone going out late at night during the week and showing up hungover to trade the opening bell.

On the stocks side of things, we go over several stocks that have made amazing this year. $CLCD $CWEI are just a few names that were single digit stocks and now appear that they will be going to the moon.

So give us your thoughts on Happy Hour Fridays. Any feedback is helpful as we are trying to bring new ideas to The Lincoln List and will be trying different formats as the early response seems to be positive.

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