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Welcome to the 23rd installment of Happy Hour with the Lincoln , where we talk about Whiskey, certain aspects of day trading and stocks that are in play.

In this episode of Happy Hour I taste test Spicebox Whisky, attempt the Canadian National Anthem, tell a story about the shake our, and talk a few stock trading ideas $SPY $KITE $LITE $PVH $AAOI

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About Spicebox Whisky

Spicebox was inspired by crafty Canadian entrepreneurs who smuggled contraband cargo across the border in wooden barrels marked “SPICES”. You see, they figured it was the perfect camouflage and that the aromatic spices would infuse the Whisky with delicious flavors, creating something extraordinary.

All was going according to plan, until a barrel took a spill, and their exporting days were over… Still, Canadian Whisky slowly but surely made its way throughout the continent, by speedboat, cars traveling over frozen rivers and by airplane!

Spicebox is a Genuine Canadian spiced Whisky that lets you discover the smooth taste of real prohibition Rye Whisky.

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