5 Reasons To Join A Chat Room

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The trading chat room has been around forever. Sometimes chat rooms and service providers get a bad rap  but what you will find is most gurus truly want to help their students learn how to trade and sustain profitability. Below are 5 reasons why you should join a trading chat room.

Walk in the footsteps of experience. The single greatest asset a trading chat room will provide you with is learning from a trader who has experienced years of  trading, good and bad. Most gurus are profitable and even if the guru is a terrible trader you can at least learn what not to do. The lessons you will learn from someone who has walked down the patch of market righteousness can cut your learning curve in half. You will always learn more from the bad experiences than the good and traders with many years of experience can prevent you from slipping into the typical pitfalls that cause traders to blow up their accounts.

Strength In Numbers– Most chat rooms have other well seasoned successful traders moderating the room in addition to the lead trader. Many of these traders are direct students of the lead trader and employ a very similar strategy. Most students in a chat room are aware of the strategies and type of stocks the chat room likes to trade and spend their days seeking out stocks that fit the rooms preferences. Its like having 100+ eyes scanning the market looking for hot set ups. The most high tech sophisticated scanners can not match the people power of a well oiled chat room.

The ” Wingtrader’– Its nice having a wingman/women to back you up. When most traders begin their trading career they have nobody to seek advice from. It is beyond beneficial to have someone there, with experience that can walk you through a trade you are already in. Someone to help you with stops and targets and someone who can tell you to stay the hell away from a particular stock because they know it’s not good for you. Plus if you can get a life story lesson in there every so often that is just icing on the cake.

You’ll learn there is more to trading than just trading– Because most gurus have been in the trading business for years they have networked with other entities in the trading world. Many have built relationships with brokers and firms that can offer discounted commissions and some can even offer the trader capital to trade on.

Camaraderie– If your trading career is long and prosperous you will experience ultimate highs and ultimate lows. You will go through many great times but at some point you will go through a dark period of struggles and losses. Having a group of traders to support you through these times is what keeps you alive. Many traders can come off as jerk offs but they truly can relate to the tough situations trading can put you in because at one time they were there too. Its a bond we all share like a badge of honor.

Trading rooms are more than places to get hot stock picks. They can be invaluable places for scanning, learning and sharing ideas. Of course not all trade rooms are created equal. Some gurus are great traders but cant really teach you how to trade and some are great teachers but only decent traders. The thing is the trade room has to fit you as well. You need to feel comfortable and be in a positive environment. I cant guarantee that TheLincolnList is the right chat room for you but with 58 straight winning days +420k in profits in over 2 years and a 70%+ win rate, it’s a start. Plus we want  you to try before you buy. That is why we offer a free 14 day free trial to all our services.

If you are searching for a chat room or you want to take the next step as a trader. Click here to take a free trial to TheLincolnList. If you don’t choose us at least seek out another trader and get the help and support you need.



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