Lincoln Million 4.2.14 Thw watchers are in full force! Nice move on HPJ today and congrats to all who took that trade. I of course can not congrats myself as I missed out on it but that is how it goes sometimes. With the alerts, the watchlists and the twitter alerts there are plenty of […]

Lincoln Million 3.31.14 Just had the opportunity to update all the stats for Lincoln Million. As it stands we are up +25% for the first quarter of 2014. That average will put us at +100% by years end but Im goaling for much more. We will see how this next quarter goes.I want to make […]

Trading The Morning Wash One of my favorite trades it the morning panic reversal or otherwise known as “the wash”. This is a great set up to learn and if done right a highly accurate and profitable strategy. Today we collected over +1,000 on two of these type trades all within the first 40 minutes […]

Lincoln Million 3.28.14 ARTX This thing went up huge 2 days ago off a Seeking Alpha article. Ironically we discussed the impact of these articles on stocks in yesterdays Newbie Night class. Well, before the ink could dry on that article another article follows it up, this time the stock had a very week and […]

Lincoln Million 3.27.14 We continue to see major fades across the market. As it looks I can still see quite a bit more downside. Unlike times in the past this market is not picking up interest on the pull backs or dips like it has in recent past. So protect your longs until things change […]

Lincoln Million 3.26.14 We have been on such roll lately but you cant win them all. Today we had to take a loss on ROSG. I tried everything in my power to hang in there but that stock didn’t show me anything special or me that I needed to add. Anyway, in tonight’s video I […]

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