Stock Watch 2.1.11. “Lincoln’s Ludicrous” Monday about tranquilized me to death. One of the slowest days in recent memory. It’s best on those days that subs leave chat, stop trading and enjoy life. I simply couldn’t pull myself away from the computer.¬†I was loco ludicrous and ¬†so focused on hitting my 15k monthly goal that […]

Stocks to Watch 1.31.11″ January I’ll miss you” Monday will be the last day of what has turned out to be an outstanding month for me. There has been set up after set up if you were quick and nimble. While other¬†traders were fighting over whether to be a bull or a bear, I was […]

Stock Watch 1.28.11 “Drop and Pop” Thursday the market was in a drop and pop all day. One minute the crash of the century was seconds away then the market¬†would gain footing and bounce. Actually it was more like a pinball machine popping back and forth. Except it was molasses slow and was only a […]

Stocks to Watch¬†” There was the 12k” The Fed is committed to pumping as much juice into this market to keep it going. This market wanted 12k bad enough to ignore all the warning signs and keep printing highs. Sure we are going to pay for it later¬†but for now let’s trade like there is […]

Stocks to Watch 1.26.11. “Merlin the Market Magician” Magic- Producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation illusions¬†or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature. Sounds like the DOW.¬†The bears came out of hibernation Tuesday just to have there snouts shoved back in […]

Stock Watch 1.25.11. “It’s going to 12K and a special IPO” This market just keeps rippin¬†off of ¬†every dip. Of course the overall status of the market usually does not affect small cap stocks but in this case they seem to be rallying as well. At this point I can’t see the DOW not touching […]

Stock Watch 1.24.11 Watchlist MSHL WMG¬†PBY¬† SPPI USAT SUSQ Scanners PVTB SBIB Previous watchers: EEE MKND MSHL Getting a whole bunch of attention in price and volume without any real catalyst. Not sure what the full picture is but this is the type of chart I like to play. If there is still momo buy […]

Stock Watch 1.21.11 ” The comeback kid” Thursday looked like the market would finally start to sell off. I say finally because a healthy market needs sell offs and pull backs to create new rallies and we really haven’t got¬†a nice pull back¬†for a while. This market showed it’s true character by rebounding from -75pts¬† […]

Stocks to Watch 1.20.11 ” Sometimes you do get lucky” Being around trading and traders for years you will ALWAYS here them speak of the trades that got away. I do my fair share of complaining when it comes to missing trades but how many times do you say ” Wow. I’m glad I didn’t […]

Stock Watchlist 1.19.11 ” Keep it Simple” Nice start to the week. Tuesdays trades listed. Broker verified trades here MGIC ( +400) KLIC (+380) TTMI ( Flat -35 com and loss ) This is a different kind of watchlist that before, lets call it a game plan. I could post about 30 different breakout […]