Stock Watchlist 12.31.10. “Goodbye 2010” 2010 has come to a close and Monday we begin a new year and a fresh start. Not only is it the end of the year but the end of a decade. A decade that started out with fear of our banking system collapsing because of Y2K ( remember that) […]

Stock Watchlist 12.30.10 “Rare on Earth” I posted a nice article on the “Anatomy of a Bubble” Read it here. We are certainly in a massive rare earth , miners bubble. This watchlist is different than the others because I will only be watching the following stocks tomorrow- MCP REE SHZ URRE URZ URG […]

“Rare on Earth” No secret the rare earth stocks are¬†a “must have” . There are a ton of traders out there sitting on some¬†hefty gains, feeling pretty good about themselves. Unfortunately about 70% of those traders are about to give a sizable portion of that back. Kinda like a gambling addict in a casino. I’m […]

Watchlist:¬†GU GLUU PZG MCP APPY CXZ ZAAP EXEL Scanners DEPO SBAY Previous watchers: REE RPRX XOMA¬†SHZ Got some nice plays. I want to keep my eye on the miners and rare earth plays because they should work in either direction Wednesday GU There was a moment in chat when I mentioned that I wanted to […]

Stock Watchlist 12.28.10 DARA APWR REE ASTM PARD SNIC Scanners : LDL CBK Previous Watchers MCP SHZ DARA Bought some of this for a nice gain on Monday. I like the strong close and there is good news to back it up. I think it at least runs a little in the a.m. on Tuesday […]

Stock Watchlist 12.27.10 Stock Watchlist¬† RPRX BANR OPXA URG REDF RPC Scanners : SNIC Others XOMA Well all of us should be semi rested after the holiday, unless you had family that wore you out. This is the last week of the year and is notorious for low volume. We have to focus most of […]

Stock Watchlist 12.23.10 “The Eve” Watchlist HDY SQNM BXS ACOM ZOOM UCBI Scanners HTCH Previous Watchers. MCP REE IGOI EXEL SOMX XOMA Last day of this short week. Kinda hard to tell what we are going to get but there are some pretty interesting set ups anyway. I’ll be working on some training video’s over […]

Stock Watchlist 12.22.10. ” Bio Mania ” Stock Watchlist. XOMA SOMX JTX NWK ANDS Scanners LAD SR ZAAP Previous watchers still in play: MCP MGIC BOOM EXEL Everything bio tech was just smashing to new highs on Tuesday. I finally got sick of¬† searching and waiting for stocks to short and just started buying. I […]

Stock Watchlist 12.21.10.”3 Days and 3 Wishes” ARNA CHTP LLNW SVNT PPHM BSFT Scanners ENZ LZB Previous ¬†MCP ZAGG BOOM Three days left in the trading week. I’m not the wishful type but if I did wish, I would like to see some trading going on because Monday was slop. Probably see more of this […]

Stock Watchlist. “5 More Shopping Days Until Christmas” We got to go at it quick this week since we are only working with four days ( market is closed Friday).¬†These weeks can be slow and choppy so keep the positions light until we see the clear signals. AEIS¬†DSCM VOXX SONC BOOM YONG Scanners: KNDL ADES […]