Pumped Stock Watchlist 11.30.10. Let em’ Come to Us. RBY AMRN XNY APRIĀ LNG URRE AFFY VTRO Stock trading is my specialty not stock chasing. Today’s watchlist is small in print but large in potential. I’ ve learned over the years to focus on two to five stocks a day and isolate the areas that you […]

Stock Watchlist 11.26.10 I’m Stuffed! MITK AFFY MGIC TQNT LNG APRI ATML Wednesday was a monster day for me. I traded more that normal Wednesday but it was all good as I run the table. It was just one of those days. Friday is half day of trading so the first hours are where the […]

Stock Watchlist 11.24.10. URRE AFFY IRE CRUS ASTC PMTI. And a Wasteland of stock you already know about I was not very accurate Tuesday with my calls. Every so often I’m totally off base and Tuesday was it.Ā  I liked the set up on TQNT but it proved to be a fake out. In hindsight […]

Stock Watchlist 11.22.10 EROC LNG SCOK HLYS HAUP THQI TQNT More and more trades working out. My strategy has been on fire lately so really no need to change. R. As time goes on you remember the stocksĀ  you trade and their history. That’s how big money is made. Learn to recognize what you see […]

Stock Watchlist 11.22.10 LIZ MGIC LNG APRI HUSA KAZĀ EDAP ZAAP Nice trade for all of us on EXEL. It really tried the patience as it took all day. Still left a few misses on the table. This week I only want to focus on the very best plays. When I get caught up it scanning […]

Penny Stock Watchlist 11.19.10. Trading is Cruel! EXEL IRE ATML LNG MGIC ZAAP and the usuals. URRE MCP REE BORN CCME The market shows no mercy and regardless how good you are or how much research you do, every once in a while it bites you hard. Today all the perma bulls of ASTMĀ learned this […]

Stock Watchlist 11.18.10. Dance With the one that Brought You. ASTM LNG UCBI ZANE EDAP MCP REE BORN CCME Started the day with a small loss on EDAP but made up for it with a monster call on ASTM.It was just a sweet set up and you don’t see those every day.Ā Many traders are new […]

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