Lincoln Alerts 6.8.12 WPRT’ed Tour in the UK Perfectionatly huge Trade from the mall It is almost impossible to play a stock any better than we played WPRT Thursday. I mean we hit that thing perfect. I did a video on that here. But the hell with me and my trades. What awesome is this […]

Lincoln Alerts 6.5.12 Strength in Numbers Big Bigger The vibe in chat is off the hook. I had a decent day with wins on ¬†but there was plenty of other big alerts from the established members in the room. When we work together like this we are virtually unstoppable. I’ve said TheLincolnList is not a […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.15.12- Enter The Dragon Trades $P +100 $SPRD +75$RPRX +250 $AH +100 $SYNC +170 $GMCR +100 $GRPN +250.Total +1015 I was so on fire Monday I felt like a fire breathing dragon with¬†mythological¬†powers .I mean one of those nasty power dragons like the ones painted on a 1970’s van It’s nice to run […]