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+1722% Net portfolio gain since inception, November of 2011.

Whoever said you need money to make money was making excuses for being broke. My followers know that my 3rd party verified trading results of 75% wins and annual gains of 100% or more are for real, they see it every day.What most people don’t know is in the the last 10 years I have been able to start with small trading balances and equate them in to sizable balances in relatively short time frames. Look at the recent escalating gains from Lincoln Million as verified by a 3rd party

View the historical 77% win rate and average gain of 14% per trade.

This is not a daytrading program for that click here. This is a swing trading program utilizing stocks and options to achieve maximum results. I focus on low priced stocks  ($20 and under) with a average hold time of 1 to 3 days. Each stock selection is emailed to you in text and video format. Detailing the parameters of the trade, exits, entries, stops etc.

So far this program has returned an incredible +1722% to subscribers since November of 2011 . What you may not know is I started this account on just  $1,000. That means just about anybody could scrape enough money together to learn a skill that will last the for a lifetime. Watch the intro video below.

The $1,000 into 1,000,000 Challenge

I know this is a tough decision and all but think of it this way. Lincoln Million has a 14 day free trial . This costs you absolutly nothing to start you million dollar journey

I’m overly excited about how this program has performed along with the great stories I hear from members on what it means to do something special.


Get Started Now On A Free 14 Day Trial 

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You may cancel your membership at anytime. However, once paid no partial of pro rata refunds will be granted.