Why Lincoln Million is Your Million


Our signature Lincoln Million swing trade program is on record setting pace and is positioned to return over 1 million in profits by the end of 2016. Below are a few reasons why time is of the essence to join such a program.

Gains- Make no mistake about it this game is all about gains. We have been programmed as a society to believe that the low single digit returns that banks,mutual funds and other investment products give us is acceptable. It certainly is acceptable to them because they take your money, sling it around the stock market, earn monster double digit gains and pay you a measly 2% at best. If you think that will grow your money into something respectable over 20 years of your life you are crazy. This is why most people in our country retire then die poor because the financial leaders of our nation have betrayed you since birth.

Lincoln Million is all about gains. Since December of 2014 we have seen more than +89% gains and have had only 2 losing trades as verified by profit.ly

Mill stats erase

And we are not talking about gargantuan gains and account ballooning profits for just 3 months, since inception ( November 1st 2011) Lincoln Million has returned +2100% in total account value and has a lifetime win percentage of over +77%. Not to mention on several occasions we have put together winning streaks of a dozen or more trades.

million breakdown stats

Show that to your banker or adviser and see if they can match it. For a entire lifetime performance breakdown trade by trade click here

Time-Lincoln Million was built for those who may have time restrictions or a low tolerance for sitting behind a computer scalping trades. In 2 years and 3 months of Lincoln million we have only taken 305 total trades. That is on average of only 12 a month. You don’t need to sit behind a computer at all in fear of missing 12 trades a month. This formula keeps commissions to a low and gains to a high. However, for those that crave more action just a few months ago we introduced an all new Lincoln Million automated trade system made of  trades I do not take but can easily be taken by you. Those trades are up 30% in 3 months

Work from home-  There is no secret that living the life is working from home. Waking up each day and not having to sit in your shiny metal box in a cornucopia of traffic cursing at ignorant drivers is worth it alone. To wake up each day and work at home and be with your family is priceless. Also for those with the adventurous spirit there is nothing to stop you from traveling the world and trading wherever you are located. As long as you can find an Internet connection you can make money.

This is how I go to work each day

Education– Lincoln Million isn’t about just alerts. We discuss each trade we make via video. We constantly educate members on trade set ups, trade ideas and how to live the trader lifestyle to the fullest. Learning how and why stocks move and understanding the set ups helped us identify and nail this chart set up for +720 in only 2 hours. This was a total of +15.5% profit from entry. This was all done on only a $5,000 investment.

This chart was ready and primed 

mistery stock


Lifelong skill set– Trading is something that will always be here and can never be taken away from you. So many career fields have been downsized, jobs have been outsourced overseas and many corporations are forcing older established workers out in favor of younger, cheaper workers. The sad fact is that the career you have may not be there tomorrow and when it comes down to it you cant trust anyone but yourself. When you learn to trade and trade well you will be set for a lifetime. And it doesn’t mater what your background is. Take a look at how this guy went from making sushi to making bank as a trader.

As with every opportunity the deciding factor is you. When you make the decision in your mind that you are ready for change and you are ready to utilize the all the resources available to you you will succeed beyond your wildest dream. If you never make that commitment then nothing you ever do will work for you. The Lincoln Million program was created as the gateway to get even the most time constrained individuals an opportunity to be successful in the stock market. All the tools that Lincoln Million utilize have been proven to work and many people have reaped the rewards of this program. The question though is you. Will you reap the rewards or miss out. I’m so confident Lincoln Million can show you instant portfolio success that you can now click here to take a free 14 day trial and I will send you 2 hours of free stock training videos to get you moving in the right direction. To get started click here- you’ll be glad you did.



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