Stock Watch 10.6.11 ” Legacy”

As most of you know by now Steve Jobs, founder of Apple has passed. Looking beyond what may happen to AAPL’s stock tomorrow, Steve Jobs was an icon that significantly changed the way things were done in his industry.He was a visinary who left behind an incredible legacy. In times like this ask yourself, What is my legacy? We all have a passion that fuels  us. It may not be as sexy as owning a billion dollar company or creating a cure for cancer but nonetheless it’s a passion that belongs to us. 

 Everyday you have the opportunity to impact others with your passion and dreams. It makes no difference what the size of those dreams are,  you were put on this earth to achieve them. If you are fortunate enough to grow old you will look back on your life and remember the impact you had on others versus the amount of money you have in your bank account. Whether you want to be the next dot com billionaire or you just want to volunteer to help your favorite charity,always remember it’s not the size deed  but rather the impact of the deed that counts.


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