Stock Watch 10.10.11.” American Fraudster”

In U.S schools you are taught at an early age in history class that Christopher Columbus’s discovered America. However what you were never told was that Columbus “discovered” a land that was not only already inhabited by millions of people but was also previously “discovered” by Europeans 500 years earlier. Also, Columbus was credited for “discovering” that the world was round. A “discovery” that was made by Egyptian scientists decades before Columbus was born. Columbus also captured several Indian tribes and sold them into slavery.

Now that your history lesson is over the the similarity between ancient fraudsters and current ones are no different. Columbus  reminds me of CNBC a network that portrays itself as an information source for the little person when in reality they are a bunch of biased fraudsters feeding you useless information .People tend to loose money when they believe everything they hear or read. Remember in thousands of years of human evolution, unfortunately, people are still people.


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