With just a little more than a few days week left in 2016 our trading accounts have crossed over $300,000 in realized gains!

The Day Trading Account makes up most of those gains with $291,270 in profits or 191% account growth for 2016. And the Part Time Trader Program accounted for $20,058 in gains or 53% account growth .

Either way you look at it both accounts far surpassed the overall market growth this year 12 times over. Now you may think “Well you got lucky in a bull market” but when I tell you that 90% of those profits came from short selling ( profiting on stocks that go down) you will see there is no luck to it, it is all skill.

People will tell you that ” short selling is insane” or ” shorters never win” when in fact short side traders generally make more money and last far longer than perma bulls.One big reason for this is because of the fear to greed factor. Fear is a far more powerful emotion than greed meaning people make more hasty decisions under fear than they do with greed. Panic and uncertainty cause many people to act first and think about the consequences later. This is why you often see stocks going up for 3 to 4 days in a row only to retrace those gains in one afternoon. So generally when you short a stock you get paid faster .Also, a short seller can make money in both bullish AND bearish markets and usually will see more actionable opportunities daily.

Now this isn’t intended to slam bullish traders or say that bullish traders are all losers because they are not and who am I to judge. In fact, I know and respect several bullish traders that are very successful. However, what makes them so successful is they are cautiously bullish, never chase, and never push their luck. They know when enough is enough.

Now you may ask ” Why dont more people short then” The reason is because they are never taught and taught how to do it properly. When you first learn about the market, what is taught to you? To buy stocks. When all the pundits pollute the financial media airways giving you their predictions on stocks what do they talk about? Buying stocks. Get the point? You are brainwashed in to thinking there is only one way to do it and that is buying only. See, the big funds and institutions know this is how the retail trader trades and thinks and because most retail traders lose, these institutions, including the very broker you do business with trade AGAINST you and the herd. This is why they continue to rack up enormous profits and monstrous annual returns while the common folk chase the dream of riches.

I know this because I was once a poor sap who trading like this and took advice from these people. It wasn’t until I started counter trend trading (trading against the herd) did I ever start to make real money. Some of you still may think Im BS-ing you but look at the results. In the last 6yrs of operating TheLincolnList the day trading account has returned at least +150% annually every year and has alerted more than 1.7 million in profits. The strategy works!

This is why I will be doing this all new Mini Camp on Jan 3rd. Unlike my full trading course “Champ Camp” that covers all aspects of trading and many different strategies. Mini Camp will only focus on the main two strategies I use. ( Parabolic shorting And Flush buying ) I will be going in to thorough detail about how and why these set ups are so accurate and how to use them in a real world market.

You can see how these trades word on a few of these live recorded trades here

Bounce Trade on BOFI

 Parabolic Short Trade AVGO 

Don’t get me wrong my strategy isn’t perfect. I would never sit here and try to tell you my way is the only way and my way always works. That would be stupid. What I do know is that if you ever wanted t learn the art of short selling and counter trend trading, with over 16 years of trading experience and a lifetime of dedication to these strategies I’m qualified to do so.

This class will start Tuesday Jan 3rd and includes:

*5 Webinar classes on the anatomy of the strategy and why it works

*All sessions are recorded and will be made in to a straming DVD for you to re watch at any time in the future

*Free copy of my ” Trading As An Art” DVD

*Free Access To My live trade room-You will learn the strategies and then see how to use those strategies in a real time environment.

*Total cost $175. Click here to start

With 2017 just a few days away its time to focus on improving yourself financially. The market is going to change in a big way under this new administration and it will be a top priority to protect your money. To get started now or to learn more about Mini Camp visit this link here http://thelincolnlist.com/mini-camp/

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