Lincoln Alerts 4.3.12 An Idiot and His $1500 Bucks

Trades $YNDX +35 $TRIP+200 $AVP +350 $RENN +50 $DANG +150 $LNG +200 $YOKU -150 $PNBC +580 $VRNG -10 Total +1565

I’m not a highly intelligent dude.I misspell a lot of words, I don’t read anything because reading gives me a headache and I say a bunch of stuff that doesn’t really make sense. However, my ability to remember past experiences and how I should to react to those experiences has made me a successful trader and banked me +1500 on Monday.

Monday was killer day when I covered PNBC for a 50% gain and OPHC at +40% from the Lincoln Million swing program. These are my top tier strategies that I have outlined in these 20 free videos. These have to be the easiest patterns to trade. It’s sad that most traders try to get witty and cleaver by over thinking this stuff. You don’t need that you just need to keep it simple.

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