Because of the short time frame for recording video ( 5 min ) and the monotony of listening to my voice. The watchlist will now  feature 1 stock to trade that will be covered on video. This way I can devote more time to discuss proper trade set ups and technical levels of that particular stock. The remainder of […]

  Apparently OTC companies are fed up with the fat bald guy living in his Mom’s basement or the teenage acne ridden kid bashing their companies financial integrity and manipulating their stock price through the use of Blogs. Ligatt Security International, a cyber security company has a bounty on stock bashers and has filed civil suit against Chris […]

It’s no wonder people have lost their faith in trading. Recently we have witnessed the likes of the Goldman Sachs Hearings, the  halt of ( stock promoters) and hoards of Financial adviser’s running ponzi schemes milking their clients for millions. Now you can add ” inebriated trading ” to your list. Apparently a oil […]

I haven’t watched a Basketball game in 15 years. I couldn’t  name 5 NBA Players and honestly I find the sport dull, but that’s just my opinion. However, not even I can escape the indefatigable hype machine of LeBron James.  I’m trying to figure out why a guy who has not achieved the highest level […]

NEXMed (NEXMD). Has seen it’s shares rise faster and harder than their Vitaros erectile dysfunction drug. Increasing girth in share price by more than 50% in Tuesday’s trading. Enough of the sexual innuendos. Bottom line is this stock will be a prime short the moment it begins to break support. For now NEXMD is holding Tuesdays intra […]

In an unsurprising event top penny stock promoter,, has been halted by the SEC. Far too many naive wannabe traders continue to fall victim to these “pump and dump” scams. The SEC alleges that since at least April 2009, Carol McKeown and Daniel F. Ryan, a couple residing in Montreal, Canada, have touted U.S. […]