Why You Wont Need To Work In 2 Years


In last nights Presidential debate the overwhelming theme was the economy. Rightfully so as thousands upon thousands of people have been railroaded out of their careers since 2008 from the financial crises, many have not and will not recover. I can not help but feel bad for those whose only choice of financial survival is depending on the next administration to create “jobs”.

Let me ask you this. What would it be like if you could scratch money problems off your list? What if you could create your own job on your own terms? Well you can do this through trading. Trading allows you the luxury of not being effected by a lousy economy. Trading allows you the luxury of never getting abruptly laid off or even fired. Trading allows you the luxury of never getting caught out in a recession or becoming a victim of downsizing. Trading allows you the luxury to draw out your life exactly the way you want and live it.

The proof is in the numbers

TheLincolnList is one of the top traders on Profit.ly

TheLincolnList has returned over +700% to its subscribers in the lat 12 months

And all this from a guy who was a college dropout – lost $162,000 in his first year as a trader- and then turned it into a million bucks. Here is my story

Just think how good you can do

When I created TheLincolnList it was to provide a top flight educational trading platform so people could achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible. With my one of a kind live voice screen share trade room each student gets to see what I’m looking at in real time. Also, each trade is spelled out in detail on the microphone so you know exactly what I’m thinking. In short every day I’m spilling 13 years of my trading experience to all my students in real time trade by trade, dollar by dollar .

I never set out to get rich selling subscriptions I do this because I love it and I want others to enjoy the success I have. At the beginning of the post I ask you to put a $1 bill in front of you and here is why. For a short time you can try both my top rated services for just $1.  Who knew that the very dollar you are holding in your hand can be the dollar that sets you free.

I will do my part but will you. As Wayne Dyer once said “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice” Get started



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