Molly Ringwald and Malibu’s What a 17 Year Old Can Teach You About Trading

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It was 1985, I was in my late teens and I had a major crush on the lovely Janell. In my school Janell was the “it” girl and every teens dream. She was the head cheerleader of our high school, the class president, a straight A student and drove a sweet red Camaro. She looked like a blonde haired version of Molly Ringwald. My friends, it doesn’t get any better than Janell. There is only one problem. I was a third string football player, a straight D student, I had a Flock Of Seagulls haircut and I was vehicleless ……wait that is 4 problems. Guess that explains the D student thing.

Molly Ringwald – Second hottest girl ever in 1985 and movie legend

Flock of Seagulls Hairstyle- The best hairstyle ever!

My chances with Janell are grim at best. However, I have one major “in” with Janell. I am best friends with her nerdy brother Jeff. The weird thing was Jeff and Janell were twins.I never understood the opposite sex twins thing .Jeff and Janell looked nothing alike.Jeff was a pimple producing geek while Janell was a goddess. I’m not sure how that came about.

One Friday night I happened to be staying over at Jeff’s house with our other friend Greg and we were jamming out to Devo records and prank calling people in the phone book. For you younger people a Phone Book was this big yellow book that was published every year that had listing of peoples names and phone numbers in it. Also, prank calling was the thing back then because caller I.D and #69 had yet to be invented. Sometimes technology has disadvantages

Right about midnight in comes Janell and her 2 friends Melissa and Carrie, who are also sleeping over. Suddenly our parties intertwine with each other and we find ourselves in a 3 girls to 3 guys party. This is the perfect mathematical equation for ultimate man victory. We rely heavily on this equation as we have very little odds outside of this set up.

With this in hand soon I found myself all alone and one on one talking with Janell about important teen issues like :

Was Breakfast Club a better movie than St Elmo’s Fire?

Was New Addition better than New Kids on The Block?

Could I get my hair to look like Rob Lowe’s?

All serious topics that concern every teenager and must be discussed.

Anyway,this was my best shot up to this point to ask Janell out. I was scared to death but I have so much puberty power going on there is no way I am not doing this. When my crackly voice finally says “would you like to go out with me” I almost passed out when she immediately said yes. WOW she said yes! This is my defining moment as a teen.I felt as cool as Anthony Michael Hall in Weird Science.Not only is Janell the worlds most prettiest girl ever but me just being seen with her in public was going to elevate my lowly social status. We agreed to go out the following Friday.

As I hinted to earlier in this article I’m without wheels so I asked to borrow my moms car a 1978 Brown Chevy Malibu to take her out with. On Thursday night the day before our date I shined and polished my moms car so it would be nice and clean for Janell. On Friday I ironed my outfit and got all cleaned up for my date. I was so excited I was shaking like a leaf. I had the biggest crush on Janell and had been waiting forever to take her out. But then, just 1 hour before my date with Janell  my mom calls and says ” Dougie I’m sorry but I have to work overtime tonight. You can’t borrow the car”. Heart breaker!–And by the way you better not call me Dougie after this 🙂

Chevy Malibu-  at least it was clean for mom

I was let down big time about missing out on my date with Janell  but as fate would have it 7 days later I got a second chance with Janell and we finally went out on that date. We had a good time that night and even though I never came close to looking like Rob Lowe we actually started dating for a while! Not to mention Janell and I have always remained in contact through the many years. Life can be so surprising.

In our life’s journeys we can find many stories to draw motivation and strength for our current endeavors  Although trading wasn’t even in my mind at that age it was events like this that have molded my success in trading and in business. You see, the lesson here is in order to advance to a higher level with a girl like Janell I had to be diligent, possess a high degree of self belief but and above all I had to put myself in the right position for success. All I needed was a brief moment alone with her to work my magic or at least what I thought was magic at the time.

In order for us to get what we want as traders it  takes the same skills sets it took to get a date in your teens. You have to be diligent, posses a high degree of self belief  and above all you must  to put yourself self in the right position for success. From day one that’s what TheLincolnList has been all about. Teaching each student day by day how to be successful and to live and trade like a winner.  That’s why both LincolnList day trade and swing trade newsletters have exceed over triple digit gains in 2012.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who has the consistency and the day in and day out winning percentage of TheLincolnList.You would be hard pressed to find anyone up +$227,000 in less than 1 year and a half , all verified, on a 50k daytrade account You would be hard pressed to find anyone using the live voice screen sharing capabilities of  the live trade room and you would be really hard pressed to find anyone who used a dating story from the 1980’s as a trading lesson. Time for you to test drive TheLincolnList on the 14 trial



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