View all of my trades on screen. Learn to see what I see and prosper . Click here for details   This was a question asked on Quora ” Is trading for a living possible?” Below is my answer.See the original answer here and follow me on Quora here Q: Is trading for a living possible? Do you […]

Reviewing some great trades from the morning session in our live trade room. We are very fortunate to be in a career as lucrative as stock trading. Make sure after you watch the video to browse our website and view more of our educational material Watch Some Of These Video Lessons And See More Rants. […]

We have all seen our fair share of Hollywood ” Artificial Intelligence” feature films like Ex Machina, Blade Runner, I-Robot, and countless others depicting robots learning, thinking and feeling like human beings. We have all imagined what a world would be like having a robot or computer intelligence system capable of mimicking cognitive functions associated with […]

Only 3 days left on our 4th of July DVD Sale! Save 40% . Click here for details and use promo code #merica Another great morning with +2770 before lunchtime shorting stocks in the most bullish market day of the year. This shows how consistent our strategy is. Up days or down days the strategy works. […]

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