Only 3 days left on our 4th of July DVD Sale! Save 40% . Click here for details and use promo code #merica Another great morning with +2770 before lunchtime shorting stocks in the most bullish market day of the year. This shows how consistent our strategy is. Up days or down days the strategy works. […]

DVD 4th of July special! Save 40% On Our Popular DVD “Trading As An Art “This Week Only Use Promo Code #MERICA   Click here for details   Get Trained: This is the “information age” for stock traders. There are more resources, educational courses and established traders sharing ideas online than ever before . When I […]

Need Help Trading? Learn what we do in our life interactive trade room, best of all its free to start. Click here to learn more Great morning again with a nice +1550 win on $MPAA This video goes over the trade, our risk and how we found it. You can see all of our trades on […]

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